Sunday, February 12, 2012

Raw in Miami

I tried to update with my new phone in Miami, but it never worked out properly :( I'm still learning how to use it.

BASICALLY, I was going to make a point of saying how easy it is to be raw in miami. This was without even visiting Coconut Grove, which many people suggested to me. I don't know why but for some reason I pictured carts of fruit on the beach, and it wasn't exactly like that.

At first I was scared I'd starve, but the first thing we found in the street behind our hotel was a fruit shop, tons of fruit, and smoothies to go which I took advantage of.

I went to the same place to eat every day for lunch and sometimes dinner because honestly, their salads were THE BEST. They were so simple, and cheap, but the greens they used (surprisingly this was at a hamburger joint called: Damn Good Burger) were super dark and tough and I always found a clover or two in it!! It was just avocado, greens, and red onion--which I never eat but it did add a great touch. On Mondays the salad is $1.....I bought 12. DON'T JUDGE...It was between me and my mom and dad haha. The people ended up recognizing us by the end, and I think were not used to having people just buy the salad plain.

One night we ate on Ocean drive, as well as one breakfast, and they had a great fruit platter, as well as quite possibly the most delicious salad I've eaten. It had shredded coconut, mango chunks, pistachios, cherry tomatoes, ginger sesame dressing on the side, and dark spinach.

One night we walked down Lincoln Mall Road, which was so beautiful, an open mall concept with cafe trattorias along side the cobble stone pathway. There was a farmer's market with tons of coconuts, mangos, papayas, melons, and avocados. You can imagine my excitement...

SO all in all, great place to go, obviously the scenery is so beautiful food is the last thing on your mind. Next time I go for sure I will check out Coconut Grove.

Have you ever been to miami? What's your favourite place?