Thursday, August 9, 2012

Traveling Raw.

Traveling to the States is ALWAYS tricky for me because there are usually no alternatives. So I have to be proactive and plan ahead. I was on a bus for 18 hours from Ottawa, Canada to Greensboro, North Carolina. I made sure to buy nuts, and fruit for the right and made a breakfast granola to eat during breakfast time. An example of what I found at the hotel for breakfast is as follows: (following is in red due to imply potentially threatening DANGER)

-biscuits and gravy
-french toast, waffles
-processed OJ and apple juice
-peanut butter with sugar and hydrogenated rapeseed oil
-quaker oats, and fruit loops
-yogurt and hard boiled eggs (literally hard as a rock, watched my friend gnaw on two)

Sometimes it's an excellent opportunity to give your body a rest, as traveling is already tiring enough.

Buckwheat Granola Recipe

-buckwheat (quickly soaked and rinsed to remove starchy water)
-cinnamon (as much as you like/OR should I say LOVE)
-carob powder 3T
-coconut oil 2T
-goji berries

Mix gently together and dehydrate overnight, flipping occasionally. It will come out crispy, and DELISHUSSSS. What snacks do you bring when traveling?