Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I LOVE CHRISTMAS. But not the bombardment of crazily aggressive people offering me foods that scream diabetes and obesity. [Super exaggeration but...not] So, what better way to restart, than to juice on Christmas Day! I am happy my family is on board too. We had our family dinner last night, and there are two more set after the new year because of our Armenian Christmas. Everyone had a cup of this juice, and I would say it is the perfect litmus test to see where your tastebuds and cells are in terms of health.

Honestly, making this juice, [which consisted of 3 bunches of kale stems, 2 celery heads, 6 beets, a full bunch of carrots with their green stems, and ginger. NO APPLES, NO FRUIT.] was a painful process. I felt nauseated even while cutting the veggies. The taste was overwhelmingly bitter to my mouth, even though I'm sure it was fine, like any other juice I'd have before.

My brother's genuine reaction to the juice. He ended up drinking two beer glasses full. More than I could stomach.

CHRISTMAS (ugly tree at Eaton's)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Montreal Trip

Montreal aka. raw food city. We walked a lot so I'm pretty sure this nut based meal was tots justifiable.

First stop: Crudessence with my veg-partner-in-crime Chelsea

Ohm Burger and Side Salad

Vegan restaurant our friends took us to, secret letters in every table drawer.


Chelsea's Brunch Crepe

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse