Thursday, July 25, 2013

In the motherland.

Currently in Armenia, amazing things are happening, I've been playing with the opera orchestra here and taking voice lessons, and seeing every live musical performance EVER. My french horn and I are happy...but on a more DELICIOUS NOTE.

IT'S APRICOT SEASON!!!! They are the tastiest, most succulent things I've ever put in my's also watermelon season, and everything is local, and delicious, and eating raw here is SO easy because it's hot, and all you want is a cucumber tomato dill salad, aka. "Amarvayin Salad" meaning 'Summer Salad'.

Also, GLUTEN, lurks around every corner, in ever single food plate. I am not addicted therefore, the smell and sight of the puffiest lavash doesn't taunt my soul....but actually, when you eliminate gluten you don't crave it, therefore it's been easy living here without the desire. HOWEVER, it's also shocking to see how it is in EVERYTHING, from chips, crackers, to anything baked, even some hummus/salad if you don't ask, you have to be careful. Bad gluten! *spank*  [haha]