Sunday, November 25, 2012


I decided today, that I made the best breakfast ever...I'm sure you'll all agree. Don't be turned off by the picture.


-ground flax
-black chia seeds
-maple syrup/agave (I prefer maple...obvi I'm Canadian :P)
-hemp seeds
-buckwheat groats
-frozen strawberries that I slowly warmed and sliced into bowl
-cinnamonize all of it. (Add cinnamon)


It honestly tasted like a strawberry crumble! Who wouldn't want that for breakfast!

humble beginnings...


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aloe MANIA and Winter RAW.


First off: My sincere apologies for deserting this blog. It's as if the more I thought about how I hadn't posted, the more I retreated from posting. Not to say I have stopped my creations, or picture-taking, however my laziness has been in the link between posting and submitting.

Secondly: New experiments. The newest experiment my mother and I have taken up is the dissecting and ingesting of fresh aloe, Jamaican aloe to be exact. I have some pictures, but the purpose of this is for cleansing. So far, I think my mom has experienced far greater benefits than I have.

Thirdly: I have been eating salads for breakfast. YES, it sounds so weird, but the reason has been to see if my blood sugar levels are more stabilized, and I can truly say they are. I get hungrier much later in the day, and don't feel the fiendish need to eat tons of fruit.

Fourthly: It is winter! IN CANADA! WITH FLURRIES! and winter coats! Which means only one thing. Raw gets a little more difficult and requires a tad more creativity. If you have read my pasts posts you know that what gets me through the winter is soup. I make sure I drink my smoothies, keep juicing, but I also incorporate cooked soups throughout the week made with sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, etc. You can tell, these are the starchier vegetables. I have also attempted blanched green beans, (like the string beans, not individual beans), and steamed broccoli and kale. DON'T TENSE YOUR SHOULDERS, this is what works for me :D It might work for you too, I honestly didn't realize I need balancing, warm YANG foods until I spoke with the owner of Cruda Cafe, Claudia Gaviria.

it looks gross, but IT WORKS.

HUGE STALK...not fully shown in picture.

Tell me what works for you in colder weather! Also, how do you feel about eating salads for breakfast?