Thursday, April 21, 2011

"BAM snacks on snacks, baby!"

I'm studying.

I have ONE. MORE. EXAM. till my epic summer begins.
Just in case you want to know what I'm munching mom definitely replenished the produce in this house. VARIETY!!!!! (MONSTER SCREAM)

Friday, April 8, 2011

absolute nausea.








I feel horrific right now, and just googled why I felt so bad (blended two raw beets with the juice of an orange), apparently it is a POTENT cleanser for the liver, and does cause nausea alone, with other fruits/veg not so much. I legit feel like puking now. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES ughhh

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


What you need: one mesh sieve (metal/plastic) + a thick smoothie made in a low power blender + a pot + one glass mason jar (to pour your beautiful concoction into) + big spoon

ex. half a lemon, butt-ton of spinach, cucumber, half a green apple

ex2. half a lemon (Frozen: this is my trick, it makes your drink cold, and COMPLETELY infused with lemon), crap load of spinach, one ripe pear, 1 beet, cilantro

pour out your drink into the mesh sieve, making sure the pot is directly below it, and slowly lift away from pot, while stirring, keep stirring and pressing against mesh to remove liquid. Keep pulp for compost, soups, or raw vegan desserts.

THIS IS SO EASY, and SO QUICK, I can't drink smoothies anymore because I find them too chunky..I might just need a vitamix though.


Saturday, April 2, 2011


So apparently the lovely baby thai coconuts I purchase from chinatown are not so lovely after all. It seems like as soon as something becomes easy in this lifestylce, ex. OPENING COCONUTS, buying fresh produce locally, pesticide free farming, etc. ---something changes.

The coconuts that are fungicide free are the typical ones you see where the shells are used as bikinis..

I bought a few, 99cents at No Frills (this place is magical...I just realized), and attempted to enjoy one. My mom and I hacked at it this morning. NEEDLESS TO SAY, the best knife in the kitchen was destroyed, and the water that I was able to drink out of the coconut lasted for 3 tiny sips..I thought it was a joke, but my mom said those were the kind they always had in Lebanon and there was never much water in them.

My favourite part of this was after the water was sipped out, I went outside to my backyard and WHIPPED it on the ground for a few times, till is shattered and the outer (BIKINI) layer came off.

Best Video on how to cut (should have watched this prior to destroying said kitchen knife):


Friday, April 1, 2011

too much green smoothie to handle..

If you live in the frills has massive kale bunches for 1.79...SO CHEAPSIES!!

I went insane and made two giant blender fulls of pear + kale smoothie. I had 1.5 blenders full..I definitely overdid it, BUT I FEEL UNREAL NOW. My mom had the other half, which actually came out to one huge mason jar full plus some.

"getting JACKED on juice!!"