Wednesday, November 18, 2009

fell off the truck of raw.

okay. i did. yesterday was the seventh day and there was apple pie, which I thought for some reason I could have, but in a non guilty way. I just decided that a week was enough. EXCEPT. I totally changed my mind today. For two reasons.

1) because I went out for lunch to a sushi place with my friend. I got some veggie bento box, and actually within 20 minutes of eating it felt weirdly sick. I used to eat sushi all the time and not feel sick. I mean, tempura, maki, etc. I felt like, I had this incredible intake of sodium, and no amount of water was keeping my lips moist, or quenching my thirst! I even felt that my joints/knuckles in my hands were pained for about 20 minutes (few hours later)! It was scary! Also, there was a faint headache for the remainder of my day. OH, and after we ate we went to the library, and I used everything I had in me to stay awake, but I was actually experiencing a food-coma like sensation. I kept zoning off, and putting my head down, it was ridiculous!

2) because while I was in the library I found Raw Food Real World by Sarma Melngailis. AN INCREDIBLE BOOK. I felt like it was more chill, and the pictures were beautiful and it was written in a personalized way which made it more attractive. Also the food looked friggin gourmet. She mentioned all these things, clear eyes, clear skin, dewy complexion, mindset, energy, etc. Things I've read before, but somehow I realized how much I wanted that, as well as the result of how I felt after eating something cooked. Why eat it if it has ZERO nutrients? Her husband or partner, mentioned how both of them during detox, felt bloating, which I was really feeling this past week and couldn't understand why, i mean shouldn't it CLEANSE me? They said it's all part of the detox package! Along with a slight migraine, random bursts of nose running, and tiredness! I just thought, if they went through it, obvi so can I! I want to come out on the other side, with this feeling of heightened senses! I know I can do this, in fact, I think it's more about wanting it than anything.

back in the game and so excited. I will plan what I will eat from now on.


breakfast: apples sliced, golden flax sprinkled, soy, tons of cinnamon
lunch: the biggest salad the world has ever seen, with everything green i can find in my fridge, dressing, himalayan crystal salt, tahini, and lemon juice.
dinner: this will be hard since i have no break in between, maybe 2 apples, almond slivers, cinnamon, and carrots with sprouts

Monday, November 16, 2009

one week down.

i broke it today. with a stupid piece of white bread. WHITE. not even whole grain. to be fair i had this gluten free, vegan bread after, but seriously. WTF. i was so angry, and felt so guilty. but for the first time i truly made the connection between my actions and emotions. i had come home straight from a class i understand NOTHING in, and out of my frustration i grabbed what i remembered to be my comfort food, bread and peanut butter!

apart from that i learned new things today, like for instance, overloading on fruit even on this diet is dumb. it causes over acidification of the body, candida, other unpleasant things. so if you are going to eat fruit, you MUST burn it off. you can't sit and study that textbook, or go online. it won't fuel you properly.


green smoothie: spinach, one apple, one banana, water
raw vegan apple pie: ani phyo style one slice (it actually made me crave sugar more intensely so i won't eat any more nut and date combos for a while.)
spinach salad with almonds crushed, oregano, rosemary, olive oil
[death bun with peanut butter]
um..two and a half mangos.
four swiss chard boats, seaweed strips, red pepper strips, with avocado smeared, wrapped, yum.

i need to drink much more water.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

mango goals.

i will explain the title:

i have these unripe mangoes, and i decided to put them on my window sill and attach tiny purple sticky notes on them that have goals written on them. Mango 1 says, "stay raw for one more day, ultimately for 25 more days", Mango 2 says, "finish all music theory assignments, and catch up with Biology homework", Mango 3 says, "start working out 30 minutes/daily", and actually my brother added a kiwi, which not surprisingly says, "cut down on peanut butter for 2 weeks, Get used to it!"

anyway, today:

apple concoction that i've mentioned before

half a cucumber peeled like spaghetti with crushed garlic (too strong!), olive oil, and pinch of sea salt, and almonds crushed

another apple concoction

half a raw vegan apple pie --Ani Phyo's recipe for dinner (NOT COOL, but still better than the real thing)

also, i've decided the next investment i make must be towards a spiralizer!

goodnight. xo

day five for yesterday.

i came home late, but here's what i had.

2 small apples chopped haphazardly, cinnamon, almond slivers, a tit of soy. (tiny bit)

banana with raw cashew butter

spinach salad with fresh grapefruit juice, olive oil, himalayan salt, almond slivers, avocado

pomelo slices

banana with more cashew butter and baby carrots

YUM :)
i feel a bit tired though, and today I have bad cramps..I'm just going to assume it is the side effects of this diet and its "detoxing" capabilities.

Friday, November 13, 2009

end of day four.

ended day with one apple sliced with TONS of cinnamon almond slivers, golden flax and a bit of soy (i know not raw but it was like a tspn size!)

yum, i think i need wayyy more greens. and more smoothies.


bad food last night.

i think i've learned my lesson not to buy food from random korean stores. i was sick all last night.

but today is a new day. and although i still feel nauseous i think my body just needs to hydrate itself. i had a pomegranate and banana so far. i will finish the day later tonight.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

day four is done!

quick post as i am le tired.

breakfast was DELICIOUS. i invented a random mixture:
1 mango sliced
almond slivers (raw) sprinkled
golden flax seed sprinkled
vanilla bourbon extract 2-3 drops
soaked for 4 minutes-steel cut oats about 2 small tbspns.

lunch: kelp chips, disgusting..

dinner: seaweed salad with enoki mushroom, i actually feel nauseous why is this happening so much?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

remembrance day, lest we forget.

day tree.

i skipped another class, a three hour science lab. is this becoming a habit?

i went to the grocery store today and bought so many beautiful fruits!
5 avocados
3 mangoes
14 kiwis...did you know the black seeds have omega 3's in them!
gala apples
1 pomegranate
1 pomello (MY FAVOURITE)
trail mix with non-roasted nuts

breakfast was half an apple and 6 walnuts, mid morning snack was literally a thousand mini seaweed sheets.
for lunch i made a tomato avocado seaweed salad with swiss chard for lunch, apple cinnamon almond flax soy concoction..i am really full, WHICH IS GREAT! but I don't intend on experiencing this sensation again. b y e for noww.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009



no big deal.

here's what I had:

two red swiss chard smoothies, i invented randomly:
10 swiss chard leaves stalks and all
.5-1 cup of water
1 organic ripened banana
1 cup frozen berries
.5-1 small apple sliced thin for better blending
add lemon if you want

tomato avocado wraps (with kale)

To be honest, it's 8 pm now, and I feel nauseous. I don't know why, and usually about now I would be making a pb sandwich, but I really don't feel too good. My energy level was consistent throughout the day, only once I fell asleep in a music rehearsal. I actually had weird cravings throughout the day, I walked through a cafeteria and smelled pizza and bread which made me want some, but that feeling quickly went away. I really want to make the kelp noodle pad thai from Ani Phyo's website but I don't have those noodles :( tomorrow maybe, goodnight.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Is this really happening? Going Raw!

I guess the official birth of my raw (food) experience began today, right after I skipped class and purchased Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen book. I decided it would be incredibly informative and exciting to write in a blog as I go along in case others as well as myself want to look back on this transformation (I'm told it's called). The only advice I can give myself would be to take it day by day. David Wolfe himself said if you want to go raw you should take it slow, introduce a salad and a green smoothie into your daily routine and go from there. I write this listening to my ipod on shuffle and Adiemus by Enya came on. It all feels very empowering and..Lion King-esque.

We will see what happens tomorrow when I wake up wanting my usual peanut butter banana sandwich..