Sunday, November 15, 2009

mango goals.

i will explain the title:

i have these unripe mangoes, and i decided to put them on my window sill and attach tiny purple sticky notes on them that have goals written on them. Mango 1 says, "stay raw for one more day, ultimately for 25 more days", Mango 2 says, "finish all music theory assignments, and catch up with Biology homework", Mango 3 says, "start working out 30 minutes/daily", and actually my brother added a kiwi, which not surprisingly says, "cut down on peanut butter for 2 weeks, Get used to it!"

anyway, today:

apple concoction that i've mentioned before

half a cucumber peeled like spaghetti with crushed garlic (too strong!), olive oil, and pinch of sea salt, and almonds crushed

another apple concoction

half a raw vegan apple pie --Ani Phyo's recipe for dinner (NOT COOL, but still better than the real thing)

also, i've decided the next investment i make must be towards a spiralizer!

goodnight. xo

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