Wednesday, November 18, 2009

fell off the truck of raw.

okay. i did. yesterday was the seventh day and there was apple pie, which I thought for some reason I could have, but in a non guilty way. I just decided that a week was enough. EXCEPT. I totally changed my mind today. For two reasons.

1) because I went out for lunch to a sushi place with my friend. I got some veggie bento box, and actually within 20 minutes of eating it felt weirdly sick. I used to eat sushi all the time and not feel sick. I mean, tempura, maki, etc. I felt like, I had this incredible intake of sodium, and no amount of water was keeping my lips moist, or quenching my thirst! I even felt that my joints/knuckles in my hands were pained for about 20 minutes (few hours later)! It was scary! Also, there was a faint headache for the remainder of my day. OH, and after we ate we went to the library, and I used everything I had in me to stay awake, but I was actually experiencing a food-coma like sensation. I kept zoning off, and putting my head down, it was ridiculous!

2) because while I was in the library I found Raw Food Real World by Sarma Melngailis. AN INCREDIBLE BOOK. I felt like it was more chill, and the pictures were beautiful and it was written in a personalized way which made it more attractive. Also the food looked friggin gourmet. She mentioned all these things, clear eyes, clear skin, dewy complexion, mindset, energy, etc. Things I've read before, but somehow I realized how much I wanted that, as well as the result of how I felt after eating something cooked. Why eat it if it has ZERO nutrients? Her husband or partner, mentioned how both of them during detox, felt bloating, which I was really feeling this past week and couldn't understand why, i mean shouldn't it CLEANSE me? They said it's all part of the detox package! Along with a slight migraine, random bursts of nose running, and tiredness! I just thought, if they went through it, obvi so can I! I want to come out on the other side, with this feeling of heightened senses! I know I can do this, in fact, I think it's more about wanting it than anything.

back in the game and so excited. I will plan what I will eat from now on.


breakfast: apples sliced, golden flax sprinkled, soy, tons of cinnamon
lunch: the biggest salad the world has ever seen, with everything green i can find in my fridge, dressing, himalayan crystal salt, tahini, and lemon juice.
dinner: this will be hard since i have no break in between, maybe 2 apples, almond slivers, cinnamon, and carrots with sprouts

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