Monday, November 16, 2009

one week down.

i broke it today. with a stupid piece of white bread. WHITE. not even whole grain. to be fair i had this gluten free, vegan bread after, but seriously. WTF. i was so angry, and felt so guilty. but for the first time i truly made the connection between my actions and emotions. i had come home straight from a class i understand NOTHING in, and out of my frustration i grabbed what i remembered to be my comfort food, bread and peanut butter!

apart from that i learned new things today, like for instance, overloading on fruit even on this diet is dumb. it causes over acidification of the body, candida, other unpleasant things. so if you are going to eat fruit, you MUST burn it off. you can't sit and study that textbook, or go online. it won't fuel you properly.


green smoothie: spinach, one apple, one banana, water
raw vegan apple pie: ani phyo style one slice (it actually made me crave sugar more intensely so i won't eat any more nut and date combos for a while.)
spinach salad with almonds crushed, oregano, rosemary, olive oil
[death bun with peanut butter]
um..two and a half mangos.
four swiss chard boats, seaweed strips, red pepper strips, with avocado smeared, wrapped, yum.

i need to drink much more water.

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