Wednesday, November 11, 2009

remembrance day, lest we forget.

day tree.

i skipped another class, a three hour science lab. is this becoming a habit?

i went to the grocery store today and bought so many beautiful fruits!
5 avocados
3 mangoes
14 kiwis...did you know the black seeds have omega 3's in them!
gala apples
1 pomegranate
1 pomello (MY FAVOURITE)
trail mix with non-roasted nuts

breakfast was half an apple and 6 walnuts, mid morning snack was literally a thousand mini seaweed sheets.
for lunch i made a tomato avocado seaweed salad with swiss chard for lunch, apple cinnamon almond flax soy concoction..i am really full, WHICH IS GREAT! but I don't intend on experiencing this sensation again. b y e for noww.


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