Monday, November 9, 2009

Is this really happening? Going Raw!

I guess the official birth of my raw (food) experience began today, right after I skipped class and purchased Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen book. I decided it would be incredibly informative and exciting to write in a blog as I go along in case others as well as myself want to look back on this transformation (I'm told it's called). The only advice I can give myself would be to take it day by day. David Wolfe himself said if you want to go raw you should take it slow, introduce a salad and a green smoothie into your daily routine and go from there. I write this listening to my ipod on shuffle and Adiemus by Enya came on. It all feels very empowering and..Lion King-esque.

We will see what happens tomorrow when I wake up wanting my usual peanut butter banana sandwich..


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