Tuesday, April 5, 2011


What you need: one mesh sieve (metal/plastic) + a thick smoothie made in a low power blender + a pot + one glass mason jar (to pour your beautiful concoction into) + big spoon

ex. half a lemon, butt-ton of spinach, cucumber, half a green apple

ex2. half a lemon (Frozen: this is my trick, it makes your drink cold, and COMPLETELY infused with lemon), crap load of spinach, one ripe pear, 1 beet, cilantro

pour out your drink into the mesh sieve, making sure the pot is directly below it, and slowly lift away from pot, while stirring, keep stirring and pressing against mesh to remove liquid. Keep pulp for compost, soups, or raw vegan desserts.

THIS IS SO EASY, and SO QUICK, I can't drink smoothies anymore because I find them too chunky..I might just need a vitamix though.


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  1. looks so refreshing. yes one can juice without even a juicer.