Saturday, May 21, 2011



I apologize for the massive hiatus, but I'm back and have lots of good info to share with everyone! I have been reading books by Ann Wigmore, and Dr. Norman Walker and have had many epiphanies regarding this diet. I pretty much assessed my own lifestyle and reasoning for eating this way, and I'm not here to tell you I've stopped eating this way at all. IN FACT, I've have gained newfound motivation and determination to show the world that yes! it WILL work, heal, and purify the body if we eat this way.

My favourite book by Dr. Norman Walker was "Become Younger", it was filled with anecdotes, and information. The main points I got from that book were also paralleled by Ann Wigmore in her book, "The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program". I'm going to list the main points that you can incorporate in your lifestyle to benefit from eating raw.

  • one major thing learned: eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts will NOT give you optimal health alone. Which is what I've been doing and have been getting discouraged from lack of results
  • vegetable juices are the builders of the body, while the fruit juices are the cleansers. They have two different digestive paths, it's not always optimal to blend both together.
  • germs propagate more freely on starchy matter than on almost anything else.
  • if you are eating 80% raw and still eating white bread every other day, or couscous, forget it. The walls of your intestines are (Excuse my bluntness) CAKED with hardened matter that prevent you from absorbing nutrients, and experiencing true cleansing on the diet.
  • One personal tip is that if you cannot let go of your starches, aim to eat gluten free starches: quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, millet, red rice.
  • Colonics shouldn't gross you out, they are a vital component of "becoming younger" and maintaining your health with this lifestyle.
  • the raw food diet is incomplete without the following: wheatgrass juice daily, Rejuvelac, kelp (seaweed family), variety of sprouts: mung, lentil, buckwheat, etc
  • Finally, if you continue eating with all of these points in mind, your next step would be to take note of how you feel after certain food combinations. Maybe raw vegan restaurants start making you sick or sluggish after a meal. Research the basics, melons can be mixed with themselves, nothing else; greens digest separately than fruits; starches with fruit is bad, so is fat with fruit. This is something I continually learn after eating a banana with a few tsp of almond butter--AGGHHHHH. Bloat-fest..

What do you think? Is this new information for you, or are there things you will test out and try?


  1. I've been looking at that Ann Wigmore book for a while and toying with reading it, now I definitely will! My digestion's been playing up a lot lately and frankly I'll do almost anything to get it better again!

  2. I'm glad you're back - I started following you not long ago. I'm always interested in a high raw diet. There are some rules I probably won't be able to grasp but I'd love to try my best and follow you on yours.

  3. Welcome back!! Woohoo!!
    I eat raw all of the time, except for the occasional luncheon, where I eat what's on the menu.
    Today I feel like crap, because of such a lunch yesterday. :(
    Ann Wigmore is my absolute favorite when it comes to raw food info!
    Glad you're back, Amy!!

  4. Lots of good info there! I notice certain foods dont combine well for me but others are fine. It does take some adjusting. Norman Walker wrote a whole book on colonics. If you ever want to be grossed out, look at the pictures in there. Ick.