Tuesday, January 19, 2010


yesterday was great.
i had hummus, salad and some hemp milk.
and a breakfast of hemp seeds and quinoa flakes with fruit.
also some slices of gluten-free bread, which makes WORLD of a difference to my stomach after i eat it. in a good way!

today was weird.
i don't feel so good but i had the same food as yesterday plus some guava juice and vegan mini muffins, and lentil soup armenian style, super yumm.

tomorrow should be planned i feel better that way.
so far no improvement in skin, i think this is the downside of not going 100% right away.
the immediate effects aren't noticeable immediately. :(
tomorrow i start a water fast. till sunday night.
should be easy..how hard can it be to not eat?
we'll see.
goodnight y'all.

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