Tuesday, September 7, 2010

disgusting juices will actually change your life.

i repeat, disgusting juices will change your life.

let me explain. This past week I have made approximately 3 and a half disgusting juices, and not on purpose. I was just experimenting because I was a) bored and b) peckish, so instead of eating something wrong I just kept whipping out the blender. The first juice was a giant FAIL, mostly green with less fruit than my usual green smoothies. It had tons of romaine, cilantro, a few strawberries, and one peach. It was absolutely disgusting but I shoved my little dharma straw in there, closed my eyes and drank it.

The second unappealing beverage had the same kind of ingredients but with a carrot, gross. Today's disgusting juice however made me realize something I HAD to share with all of you. It had a big handful of cilantro, and parsley and huge amounts of spinach, a squeeze of lime juice and 2 cups of water. My realization after drinking this juice was that all three of these juices as unpleasant to the mouth as they were provided me with a different sense of satisfaction. They halted cravings in their tracks, and helped me stay full for hours.

One of the reasons this is huge for me is because I realized the parallel between a non-vegan converting to veganism. In the beginning people are usually told to go ahead and have those processed soy products, and meat substitutes when the true base to your diet should be raw produce. The same is when anyone converts to raw veganism, in the transition phase one of the things people are attracted to are the green smoothies that TASTE sweet but have greens in them, as well as the gourmet snacks. I think the lesson to learn is that the more raw you eat you have to balance out the greens with the sweets. If you find yourself always reaching for a banana or an apple, go for a red pepper, or a few leaves of romaine and some cherry tomatoes. ALSO. don't be afraid to rummage through your fridge and go crazy with your blender, either way whatever you make will be good for you!

Here's the other half disgusting juice recipe, it looks gross, but tastes epic..so it's only half gross!

-2-3 pieces small watermelon chunks
-one banana small
-handful spinach
-a big handful of blueberries


  1. Funny & true (smile)! I'm always amazed at how truly healthful juices and snacks can slow hunger. Hey, I know a green juice that is raw and amazingly delicious. I won't be obnoxious and write it down here, but let me know if you want the recipe;-) Oh, and the 'looks gross' juice does sound like it would be good...

  2. LOL this is so true indeed! I know that I have made some awful smoothies in my day, but at the same time they have always been able to curb my hunger and tide me over for extended periods of time. Also, I used to tell myself that the smoothie no matter how nauseating at the time was working wonders for my body!

  3. Oh I've made a disgusting juice or two in my lifetime and some it's because I just don't like the ingredients but love the way they make me feel (grapefruit comes to mind). Anyway, I say kudos to you for whipping these up, drinking them and staying away from the no-no's. That's not always easy. :)