Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lemon Coconut Mousse and Green Juice.

Breakfast: mango + spinach + 2 cups water + banana

Dessert Experimentation: My goal was to make some sort of tart with the coconut filling, but it changed forms after I chilled it. The picture taken was right after I blended it, it was less dense so I felt it had taken on a yogurt-y, creamy texture. HOWEVER, after refrigerating it, it was like a heavenly little mousse that just melted in my mouth. It took two seconds to make, so try it and see how you like it, I'm sure with the refrigerated version it would make a perfect tart centre.

-meat from 1 coconut
-juice from half a lemon
-some lemon rind
-1T agave nectar
-vanilla extract, two drops
-a little coconut water to blend
-two teaspoons coconut oil

chill or eat over fruit as is.
*ALSO, this time I did not cut my finger while opening this beaut!

lemon thyme as garnish, enhanced the existing lemon flavours.


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  3. I have to make this mousse for the holidays. Sounds so delicious.