Sunday, December 26, 2010

David Wolfe's Longevity Conference.

I took some notes from Wolfe's conference, the main points are listed below. As you can see I immediately took them to heart, I'm eating more pomegranate..

He basically said, if your body is out of whack in any way it is most likely caused by a hormonal imbalance between, the growth hormone, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

To rejuvenate your system the following were consistently mentioned:

-Eat cruciferous vegetables: cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale (my fave!), radishes, and brussels sprouts
-Include wholesome saturated fats: olive oil, coconut oil: ingested OR rub it on your skin.
-Remove any sources of RANCID oils and fats, these come from shelf items, including safflower oil, sunflower oil, hydrogenated anything, trans fats, etc.
-Use peels of lemon, lime, which break down bad estrogen in your body
-Eat steel cut oats
-Eat less, live longer, and include regular fasts
-Great sources of protein: spirulina, chlorella, hemp seeds (unaltered sources)
-Omega 3's from marine phytoplankton, fish, crill
-STOP ALL FORMS OF SOY, 2 products are equivalent to 3 birth control pills, and can significantly change levels of estrogen in your body negatively (there are 30 types of estrogen in your body btw)
-Include pomegranate, goji berries (UGHHHH delish) and flax (make sure you grind this up, or it will go right through you)

Hope this helps, incorporate one thing at a time, experiment. I am starting with pomegranates, and raw coconut oil.

pretty and red, (natural phytoestrogen)!


  1. Very wise points! Especially the one about eating less. My motto is

    Food is for pleasure but always in good measure :-)


  2. PS

    thank you for your lovely comment on

  3. this all seems in coordination with what I've read of his in the past. for some reason a few other people coming out of his conference did not enjoy it much. it's always nice to hear another perspective.

  4. This is very helpful, thank you!

  5. I follow most of those tips. I'm concerned about soy. It's in my new chapter wholefoods vitamins, and I wonder if I should find another WFV. Hmmm.
    Thank you for posting these conference notes.
    Have you found a good coconut oil? I LOVE the tropical traditions one. :)

  6. Wow, I had no idea about the birth control and soy thing! I knew soy wasn't great but now I really know! Thanks for the info!

  7. Raw Coconut oil is a great addition to cacao dessert treats. I always add a little. Mmm mmm, I want some now

  8. Hey Amy, Thanks for finding my blog, mostly because it led me to finding yours! Awesome stuff!

    Quick question about your David Wolfe recap. Was he suggesting

    To rejuvenate your system the following were consistently mentioned: Was he suggesting eating fish among good sources of Omega 3s? And if so, did he give more detail? I'm actually not at all trying to put this down but trying to get more info, because I'm constantly interested what people do to make the necessary tweaks for optimal health! Thanks!

    Happy New Year!