Saturday, December 18, 2010

festive snow truffles.

Tip #2: To avoid unnecessary weight gain from fluid retention/poundage, decide for yourself a nice time during the day that you will make your green drink (preferably more green than fruit). Another helpful point is to avoid eating once you have eaten devoured err' thang. Let's say it's 4PM, and you are not eat till the next day. Trust me, you've provided your body enough fuel most likely to last more than a day or two, give it a rest. The final point of this tip is to do exercises at home, anything you do is better than lazying around. A great walk outside in the snow will help diverge your thoughts to more serene things.

Recipe: Festive Clementine and Ginger Snow Truffles!

-2-3 small juicy clementines
-rind from two juicy clementines
-cloves (grind these separately)
-raw ginger grated
-1.5-2T raw carob powder
-2-3T raw coconut grated
-3T raw almonds, soaked
-4-5 giant medjool dates (remove pit!)

Blend in food processor (or magic bullet), freeze, then roll in coconut powder. The result will be a delicious, christmas truffle, moist, chewy, and chocolaty with a hint of spice.

Santa wants a snow truffle..


  1. frick yeah, that recipe sounds awesome.

  2. Thank you! I would love to see some raw donuts! Yum! Your truffles look amazing! Too good!

  3. What?!?!?! the verify word I had to type for my last comment was "hoarbag" No joke! Haha!

  4. yuuummmy these are a "must-try"!

  5. Oh, these truffles look amazing!!! They look so chewy and delicious, and I love how they are rolled in the coconut.