Saturday, March 5, 2011

baking soda'd hair updatez.

i love my hair with baking soda!

TIPS (so far):
-make sure you REALLY rinse well
-experiment between dusting it directly onto your hair and dissolving it in warmer water first in a bottle (and shaking it).
-section your hair off roughly into 4 chunks, and massage/scrub then rinse that way.
-use your fingers to thoroughly brush out your hair (it will dry very fast so you want it to be brushed before it does)

People talk about transition phases, I'm not sure if I'm going through one, I need to wash it every other day or else..slickness will ensue. However I am much happier with my hair falling out less this way, and being very curly, see for yourself!

Good Shampoo Recipe:



  1. I tried this a few times too and it does made my hair so clean and shiny .

  2. i love it!!! pretty curls! sometimes i get a build-up of coco oil so i'll soak my hair in the tub with baking soda. i also add lavender essential oil for a nice smell.

  3. Pretty curls! I have curly hair too so maybe I should try this process.