Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vegan Hygiene

What do you use to wash your hair? I'm looking for the most natural product. I experimented with a few brands:

Green Beaver: GREAT SCENTS (lavendar and apple mint are my favourite), made lather, without the conditioner though your hair WILL turn to a matted nest of straw.
JASON: Peach scent was great, no lather, turned my hair to straw when it wanted to, some days was lush, other days resembled cardboard strands.
Desert Essence Organics: Amazing smells, minimal lather, I can't decipher ingredients but it is sulfate free, and cruelty free like the ones above.
Baking soda: No smell, no lather, gritty, felt genuinely clean, is cheap, kind of inconvenient to mix, and turn the shower off to massage, then rinse, will burn the skin around your face if not rinsed off.

Ultimately I feel the most safe using baking soda, and coconut oil to condition...if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them! I have been seeing a theme of raw vegans not wash their hair..I don't plan on going down that route anytime soon.

did you know shampoo is the result of the two words, SHAM and POO combined...


  1. ha, SHAM poo. so true.

    funny, i'm going to post about this soon. i have been 'poo free over 6 months. now i use baking soda to wash and acv to rinse every 2-3 showers, coco oil to moisturize. each time i shower i massage my scalp and rinse my hair well. it's not gross at all like i thought i would be, though there was a rough transition period where i felt like a greaseball.

    once you get past that and your body adjusts, it's smooth sailing!=)

  2. KELLI.

    GREATEST COMMENT EVER..i did that exact combo when I was testing it out..Clearly I didn't test it out long enough!!! Thank you :D

  3. I didn't test it out long enough either
    I currently use whatever I find that's organic
    Would be interested to know how you get on with baking soda etc amy

  4. I like shampoo and have long hair so I find it necessary. I like Aveda's rosemary shampoo.

    My husband who has shorter hair just does a rinse with water. His hair isn't very short, but shorter than mine!

  5. can you give me a step to step guide on this baking soda and coconut oil business? i really want to try that.

  6. I'm not at a point to do no poo so shampoo it is. but we use vegan organic shampoo. one day maybe ...

  7. I use dr bronner's magic soap as a shampoo and coconut oil as a conditioner, I've never really found anything better been using the soap

    Dr Bronner's makes one of the best 100% organic vegan bodycare products on the market they've been doing it for sixty years - the rose and peppermint are both amazing


  8. You guys crack me up! Am loving this post and all the comments! :)
    I've been using the stuff from the hair salon and really, REALLY want to get away from that crap!!
    Thanks for all the good ideas, ladies.

  9. Thanks for the comment Amy ;)

    I only wash my hair 2x a week (the other days I just use water) because it doesn't really need it anymore as long as I don't eat more that 10% fat.

    I use Bronner's peppermint as well. It feels great on my scalp, but I need a conditioner or I can't comb my hair our after I use it. The conditioner I use is Tate's. Everything is food based and made from their organic garden. It also make the best skin moisturizer if you ever need that as well because it's non-greasy.

    Here's the address to their website and a link to the place I ordered mine:


    This is the cheapest I have seen it:

  10. At this store I have found this organic and vegan shampoo/conditioner. It wasn't that strong though..

  11. Great that you like my rawfoodrecept blog. If you want it translated into English, just paste tha address here: http://translate.google.com/

  12. MOP (modern organic products) are my Fav!!! I like the mixed greens line or the MOP C line - It's hands down my favorite for sure. And, I've tried quite a few product lines, most of which, I end up hating! So frustrating...

  13. Nature's Gate Henna or Hemp shampoo and conditioner is my favorite! They smell amazing and it is vegan, but not sure if it is organic.

    Also, Kiss My Face products are good too I use their body washes and shaving lather but I don't think I ever used their shampoo.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog btw! It's always nice to get some encouragement! :)

  14. Just a question: Why no shampoo? I understand the fact at looking to see if the ingredients are organic and there are no chemicals in the shampoo and also not having the product tested on animals that one is huge, but I am not quite getting the no shampoo thing. :)

  15. Some people say, "if you can't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your body", and technically if your diet was pure enough you wouldn't really need to shower daily, or your hair wouldn't be as greasy, no bo, or no need for moisturizer. I am going to do a post because it's been about a week straight I've used only baking soda, and my curls are huge, and my hair has been soft and frizz-free. It depends on a few things and I'm experimenting. Rinsing with ice cold water at the end helps keep frizz to a minimum.

  16. Very interesting post...new follower, glad I found you ...I am always looking for new natural reads...

    Would love a follow back :)



  17. You should give Dr. Bronner's a go! I've been using it for 2 years now and my hair still feels great! For a while I was doing the baking soda paste followed by diluted ACV regimen, but Dr. Bronner's is MUCH less of a hassle. My favourite is the almond, though they all have very pleasant scents :) Also, if you get the peppermint...beware if you use as a body wash (which you can do with ALL of the others)...peppermint can make your..."bits"...cold and tingly as peppermint does, hahaha.