Tuesday, February 1, 2011

february aka. FRESH STARTZZ Y'ALL.

okay. people who blew their resolutions made on the eve of 2011, HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE.

This is partially inspired by 'Raw Food Rehab' and Penni Shelton who is focusing on the month of February to cleanse her system. You get to choose the guidelines to YOUR own cleanse plan. Will it include juicing? Smoothies? Fruits and or Greens? Penni asks in her video, "What are the big offenders found in your diet?" Pick anything, something simple, and remove it for a month. http://rawfoodrehab.ning.com/ (watch videos in the sidebar)

This reminded me of a quote by Angela Stokes Monarch (the very first inspiration for my path to raw foods):

"What you leave out of your intake completely, without exception is the way to ultimate health."

She talks about how eating raw foods in massive quantities, 24-7 wouldn't do you any good if you are still consuming damaging food groups: Animal Protein, Diary, Refined Sugar, and Processed Starches.

If you decide to join me on the cleanse for the month of February, write down in the comment's section what you're choosing to remove for 28 days and the answers to the following!

For the month of February I am removing...processed grains.
For the month of February I will add more...greens during the day-AIM FOR 1lb!
What drew me to raw food was...the healing from asthma, clearer skin, and weight loss.
From this 28 day cleanse I want to (accomplish)...lose the desire for cooked grains and experience the benefits of this lifestyle.

more inspiration from this lovely sexy raw vegan!


  1. You go girl! Keeping up with new years resolutions is so hard. It's horrible how fast we all give up.

  2. I think I forgot to put in my verif code. ;(

    As I was saying...good for you! That's awesome you're participating. I guess for me I'm just upping my raw food intake. :)

  3. Mimi Kirk is amazing :) Loving your blog!