Thursday, February 3, 2011

Warming Hearty Winter Recipe #4

Pure, frothy, buckwheat mylk + "oatmeal"=BEST COMFORTING BREAKFAST EVER.

-3T sprouted buckwheat
-half cup water (I eyeballed this..start with a little less and add if you need more)
-1 heaping tsp molasses (I need iron, you can add agave or maple syrup)
-1tsp liquid vanilla extract

blend (i used a magic bullet), slowly pour into crystal goblet of love, while using a tea strainer (the type that fits around the rim of a mug), and pour slowly while using a teaspoon to stir a little. In between pours, removethe pulp left over, and put into a container. After straining, you have pure, frothy, DE-LISH mylk. What are you going to do with the remainder?

Take the pulp from the container and dump it back into the magic bullet. Add a little water, one apple sliced into pieces, more cinnamon and blend. Put into a bowl, add raisins, drizzle agave, AND BAM. tastes like oatmeal, is textured like oatmeal, but it's raw--and not wasteful!

stuff tastes better in crystal goblets lol.


  1. i agree...things taste better in crystal goblets of love.

    sounds delish!...and nourishing!

  2. heck yes. it's like lotr or something ;)

  3. this is very creative and i even have some almonds soaking

  4. Ohhh! This is definitely something I'm gonna make!
    I use fancy-schmancy glasses/dishes too!!
    Because I'm special. (In MY mind at least!:)

  5. Yes, everything tastes better in a fancy or fun glass of some sort. The cloth it's on is pretty too.

  6. Yum! Hey, stop by my blog for an award!

  7. I gotta get some goblets! This looks so tasty.

  8. I've never made buckwheat milk before, but I think I might just try this tonight! - Looks SO yummy!