Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ODE TO JOY of coconut pudding, and CELEBRATIONZZZ.

THANK YOU FOLLOWERS! This blog has reached 100, and I'm so grateful for your interest! There is a raw vegan restaurant, Rawlicious that opened up a second place near my school. Anyone living in Toronto PLEASE come celebrate this perfect number with me and my friends [details to come]. *http://www.rawlicious.ca/Rawlicious/Menu.html

Forecast for Toronto: Snowstorm to come overnight, currently flurry-ing, and -8˚C
Recipe of the day: 'Take me to Maui-Coconut Pudding'

-meat of one coconut-drink the water first...whilst laughing at poor Canadian drivers passing your street. MUAHAHA.
-1 ripe banana
-1tsp vanilla extract (liquid)
-1T melted coconut oil: put in a container or plastic bag and keep in hot water

BLEND. eh, voila! This is a perfect parfait topper with buckwheat/or a cheesecake base with other fruits replacing banana, AND OR. a fruit dip.

As viewers, what other things would you like to see on this blog?


  1. Oh my, anything with coconuts and bananas I'm already a fan of. Have to try this really soon ;)

  2. Yummy! Sounds Hawaiian to me! Where do your coconuts come from there? The ones here are from Mexico and I don't like Mexico coconuts. I'm a spoiled Hawaiian girl;)