Sunday, January 30, 2011

beets, plants, winter blues.


It's a bright Sunday morning, and I improv'ed this drink, and I can most definitely brag that it was a great success. My 13yo brother and mother drank, wait no. CHUGGED it.

-1 raw beet: peeled into thin strips with carrot peeler or cut into small chunks for low grade blenders
-half a banana
-half a golden delicious apple
-3.5 large romaine leaves
-1.5 cup water
-squeeze of lemon juice

It was perfect, I'd suggest using a frozen banana, or adding ice, it was even on the sweet side with the halves of fruit, next time I'd addginger, maybe cilantro and make it more savoury.

Next to the drink in the picture is the main cure for any sadness I may have experienced this winter season. I planted arugula, and these babies just SHOT UP, I will admit, I sang to them and played my french horn to I can't see myself eating them any time soon. They also have made me very happy, it's nice to see green on a gray day!

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crap pic, but this drink was SO VIBRANT. I stained my fingers nicely.


  1. Oh I love beet juice. I drink apple, beet and kale quite often it's such a pretty color.

  2. it looks interesting maybe i ll try it too

  3. I really want to plant some microgreens too. thanks for reminding me, i need to get on it.

    if a 13 year old boy loved it, you are doing something right.

    thanks for your sweet comment. :-) you made my day.

  4. What an interesting combo. Beautiful color! That's cool your bro and mom loved it. I'll have to try this. :)

  5. What an amazing juice--gotta try it soon!
    Peace & Raw Health,