Sunday, January 23, 2011

Warming Hearty Winter Recipe #3


so this is the greatest breakfast ever.. (high pitched kanye voice, EVA-EVAH, EVA-EVAH!).

-raw buckwheat: soak max 20 minutes, sprout overnight in mason jars
-add chia seeds
-raisins, goji berries, coconut shavings, etc.
-more cinnamon
-ginger powder
-almond milk
-add in any amount of sprouted buckwheat
-slice bananas, add blueberries (my favourite fruit to add to this)


no seriously, you'll want to. It is truly a change from the traditional green breakfast drink, and it never becomes old. I made a chocolate version before, but hadn't thought of eating it, undehydrated. It's still crunchy ish. It's also given me inspiration for an epic raw vegan apple pie recipe! PLUS. Look up the stats for buckwheat nutrition. After they sprout, they're 15% protein! SCORE.

these were covered in an avocado chocolate mix then dehydrated, but same idea, just purer, no added/dehydrated things.

a recent picture of breakfast of 'buckwheaties' and coconut water. BTW. I HAVE FIGURED OUT A FOOLPROOF WAY TO OPEN A COCONUT. I will make a post on this later.


  1. Looks super good!! I LOVE buckwheat and chia together--had it for breakfast the other day topped with fresh fruit and some hemp and sunflower seeds.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  2. hey girl! thanks for the comment! Love your blog too! wish I was brave enough to go on a raw diet! that totally sucks about you cutting your hand while cutting the coconut! not fun!

  3. you can make breakfast at my house any day:)

  4. That looks sooo good, Amy!
    Opening coconuts freaks me out! (Not a fan of knives AT all!!)
    I saw a young woman hold the coconut IN her hand and whack it with a knife!! OMG! I almost needed an adult diaper.
    Heal good, feel good, and keep those yummy dishes coming!
    Sending love -