Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gluten Free Success and Rawlicious: Raw Vegan Restaurant Review

Gluten free is going amazing, and I am pretty sure your support has a lot to do with it! I feel great, and I am taking it day by day (thank you Antony, Sugar Magnolia, and Frannie). A lot of it has to do with diverting thoughts, understanding the consequences, and more importantly understanding WHY I want to remove gluten forever.

Rawlicious Cheesecake: I can't even be formal with this review, as I only tried the lemon cheesecake last wednesday night (After biology class..lamesauce). ALL I can say is that it was THE greatest raw vegan cheesecake I've ever tasted. EVER. Part of this overwhelming appraisal may be because it was my first cheesecake since being vegan (3 years), one that in addition to being dairy/wheat-free, was raw. My friend and I split one, and the waiter without thinking placed the slices on separate plates, with separate garnishes. It was perfectly creamy, and--my favourite part--NOT TOO SWEET! The crust was perfectly seeded, except I didn't like the taste, I wasn't sure what was in it, but I didn't care because the lemony upper mousse-like part was to die for..


20 Cumberland St. Toronto, Ontario

M4W 1J5


Price: $9 - $15 per entree/$2-$10 per dessert

Open: Mon-Sun: 11AM-10PM

yay for cell phone pics..


  1. Hey you're so welcome :-) Congratulations on going gluten free. Day by day is definitely the best way to go. I like the way it cuts out so many things that we know are not good for us anyway. And with a rawlicious cheesecake like that to eat who needs gluten anyway?

  2. The seven of us are gluten free and loving it. When I began the raw living foods diet I had also put our 4 year old on a gluten free/dairy free and beef free diet. But then said, what the heck, the whole family is going gluten free, wheat is horrible for us anyway so everyone should cut it out in our house. Makes it so much easier.
    Best of luck to you, the benefits are amazing.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  3. this looks so delicious...
    i am so proud of the progress you have made! you are so inspiring.
    my baba is a coeliac, and i've been creating + consuming gluten free goods with her because it's important for me to learn to cook in ways that are so much more sensible from a health perspective.
    anyway i loved this post, it's great to spread the word on going gluten free... it's an important, healthful step forward to huge benefits and just an overall better sense of well-being. xx