Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What vice did you choose? Or still want to choose..it's only Feb. 8, that gives you LOADZ of detox time. I had chosen cooked grains and sugar, specifically wheat. I have posted sticky notes all over the kitchen that say, "NO WHEAT NO SUGAR", and they worked, until today when I had an intensely emotional incident in the morning that I totally didn't deal well with it. I went to the health food store later and bought gluten free, raw bread, had 2 pieces of that for dinner with some fresh sprouts and sunflower seed butter. Then couldn't stop thinking about the issue, and burst out into a weird craze and ran downstairs to have excuse my language. CRAP. on a stick. aka. wheat-bread. I had two pieces with agave and ran back to my room and was like, "WTFFF AMYY. What did you just do."

SOO. I'm writing about it to show you my fortress-style indestructible desire to continue with the detox. Why? Because I felt epic---(The definition refers to epic as something heroic and grand in scale or character)--without wheat and sugar in my life. I use this word freely, but trust me I really was feeling epic. I still want to feel heroic and grand so I have resolved to fight this whack crack and tell you guys about it. My first problem was that I never made a proper goal. Instead of writing, "NO WHEAT" on sticky notes, it should have been my goal. My goal is to have this out of my life. Realistically that will never happen because food does come into contact with things, people that don't eat in this way will always be present, so I think my goal needs to encompass how I deal with this as oppose to hating it, and branding it as something that should strike my heart with guilt.

Goal: Avoid wheat. (Remove emotional connection to wheat and learn to deal with situations where wheat is present.)

Symptoms of Wheat allergies, sensitivities--Check if you identify with any of these symptoms!

-energy loss, fatigue
-appetite increased to the point of craving


  1. Don't beat yourself up. Why don't you try to ween yourself off of wheat so the task is not so overwhelming. I too am doing a detox for February. I am challenging myself to go vegan. I am day 3 and I feel fine, just a little hungry. I gradually weened myself off of dairy and I did the same with meat over the summer. If you fall, you can get back up! Good luck to you!

  2. I share this goal Amy. It's a good one! I find oat cakes a useful thing to have around for those times when I would otherwise want bread. It's a long journey, let's take it day by day :-)

  3. I stopped eating gluten about a year ago.
    I now make socca bread with garbonzo flour.

    I don't care for the flavor of rice or tapioca breads.

    My best!