Tuesday, June 14, 2011

La Belle Verte Obsession

Many of you can recall my restaurant review from last summer about a new raw vegan restaurant in Gatineau, QC (literally a ten minute bike ride from the Ottawa side). WELL. Now that I have returned to the nation's capital city, I have begun making full use of this easily accessible restaurant. Here are some pictures from the last week.

Katey eagerly waiting for her Greek Pizza, (raw food newb who LOVED her meal btw.)

me and the soup du jour: creamy tomato soup with basil and chipotle (amazingg!)

devoured greek pizza: I honestly thought I wasn't vegan anymore, because the feta topping, tasted IDENTICAL to real feta cheese. (I was creeped out at first then intrigued, it was a cashew "un-feta cheese")

Obvi had to end the meal with dessert: Banana cream pie slice, and lemon tart (my favourite..so creamy)

More pictures to come...


  1. I love La Belle Verte! I ate there for the first time last week. Here's a link to my review: http://www.notyourparentsgranola.ca/2011/06/10/visit-to-la-belle-verte/ I'll have to try the lemon tart next time!

  2. I have yet to get there even though I've been here for almost a year now!!! I just have to get my lazy bum on a bike and go for a feast! What you posted looks great already :) Or perhaps we could organize a blogger meet-up there?

  3. Oh, I love this post!! And the food! Wow!! How great that the restaurant is near you and you can visit whenever you want! Awesome!!!!