Monday, July 18, 2011

Dorm Room Rawness.

Here's the result of my latest shopping mission:

-chia seeds
-hemp seeds
-mung beans (to sprout)
-case of mangoes!
-kale--(that's already been turned into a massaged kale salad...i'm eating it out of a plastic bag right not. I'm civilized..I swear.)

What's in your shopping cart???


  1. Yum yum. I just bought a bunch of strawberries yesterday and already ate a lot. I also got mango, sweet potato to grate up, avocados, and a bunch of zucchini.

  2. case of mangoes? score! i bought a case of bloobs today and found discounted organic pears.=)

  3. Looks amazing!
    I've had a thought - you and I should co-write a book about going raw for students. There are student cookbooks and vegan student cookbooks - I think this is a gap in the market!

  4. you had me at strawberries, yum! Be Well, Katherine

  5. Yum!!! So I know that after your Belle Verte post, I suggest that we should totally get together, both being raw and in Ottawa and students and all... And I know I suck for not having gotten back to you. With PhD exams and job and all, my summer has been a crazy hell and I have no time for a social life (who would have though, I know...) but hopefully soon I will be able to actually do what I said! Hope all is well :)

  6. OMGSH.

    Chantal..I met you today. I just made the connection, and it's funny because I thought you looked vaguely familiar. I wish tonight had worked out :( Also, I totally understand the whole busy thing. Hopefully soon, as you said, let me know when things slow down or when you're in Toronto even :P

  7. Hey there Amy! I'm a uni student who has been thinking about going raw (or at least mostly raw!) and am glad I stumbled upon your site. Cool stuff!

  8. Hahahaha, that's SO funny because I was kind of thinking exactly the same thing... but then the whole "you're from Toronto" thing threw me off because I thought you were from Ottawa :)

    I felt kind of bad just ditching you, thinking that we should have offered to all just sit somewhere and share our food, but we had been really if-fy about going that night anyway and kind of just wanted to crash at home.

    I emailed Natasha to let her know that those meetups were still up and that people showed up. She felt really bad about it and has told me to apologize to anyone who came out!