Sunday, August 14, 2011

Raw Summer Recipe.

Finally got an afternoon off from work, went swimming outdoors, visited the nearest farmer's market in Ottawa and made a pretty epic, ultra-fresh salad with my friend!

-julienned zucchini, cucumber
-sweet corn (from Quebec :P): slice off kernels with sharp knife, soak in a bowl till water is clear
-fresh basil and cilantro (chiffonade-cut)
-fresh ginger
-sesame oil
-nama shoyu (or soya sauce)
-one lime with
-handful of cashews
-bowl of frozen mango slices
-half a green jalapeno pepper
-Herbamare + Provencal sea salt with mint

Place 'noodles' on bed of lettuce, garnish with diced veggies and sesame seeds, pour dressing and toss!

TIP: If you're tired of eating the same salad with the same dressing everyday, try changing how you prep your vegetables. Jumbo diced tomatoes and cucumbers can be julienned, turned into salsa, or blended with the dressing instead.

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