Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weekly Fast, Coconut Water.

Going to start fasting one day a week for cleansing purposes. I did this last year and I felt it changed my spiritual life and helped me focus on the areas I needed to pay attention to.

The plan for my fasts will be from Saturday night, to Monday breakfast. I will be drinking lots of water with aloe juice (150% concentrate) --you can see the brand I use and only trust in the sidebar. You guys may remember I posted about it last year when my acid reflux was healed from only 2 weeks of drinking it.

Also, I had ice cold fresh coconut water from a baby thai coconut. It was SO awesome. Hit the spot, also since Canada is slightly confused about the weather lately and we're having sunny/rainy days vs. snowy/snowfests.

Tell me your experiences with fasting, whether it's been a juice feast/water fast/anything! Would love to hear back.


  1. I have had a few juice fasts and I highly recommend colon cleansing during. Otherwise the toxins will pour into your gut and you will retox and feel awful. It's much better to colon cleanse. Enema or the icky salt water flush. I have a question about the aloe vera, I don't see the link but I will email you about it.

  2. Do you think fasting one day a week really does the job a cleanse would? I would do that too but I feel like one day isn't enough.

  3. I think you're totally right, one day a week is NOTHING! I do think it's better than zero days a week though, and personally I feel it's achievable as a student. However come winter break, that may be the proper time to utilize the resting days for a true water fast. Don't you think? :)