Sunday, December 25, 2011


OKAY, first off. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Hanukkah EVERYBODY!!!
I hope today is awesome, and that all of you got the vitamixes, and dehydrators you wanted :P

I want to share a story from last night! I went to a pretty amazing Christmas Eve Party with my family, lots of family friends and other people I met and had great conversations with. One person in particular told me how he lived in Armenia and was taken care of bye two individuals. At first he only elaborated on the first woman that took care of him, saying that she carefully sprouted lentils, grains, and seeds for him to eat, along with copious amounts of carrot, cabbage, and apple juice! My initial reaction was, "OMG RAW." Then I shared with him the story of a man I found on the internet who I wanted to meet one day:

(That guy).

THIS MAN, at this XMAS eve dinner, PROCEEDED to tell me that he was the other individual that nursed him to health!!! I could NOT believe my ears, he had actually MET Vaghe Danielyan, a 90 year old marathon running, raw food eating, yoga-massage-language artist!!!

Anyway, I'm so excited, because I definitely want to get in touch with Vaghe, possibly initiate some sort of apprenticeship, WHILE simultaneously visiting my homeland...HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE.

Anyway, I'm sure you can sense my excitement from this dinner, but please share your cool XMAS stories below! Also, here is what I've been drinking a lot of.

-3T Cacao powder
-1T Carob powder
-2 cups water bring to a high temperature while slowly stirring.
-1 cup almond milk

When at desired heat, remove and add peppermint oil extract, cacao nibs.


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  1. Happy Holidays to you too!

    My Christmas was relatively uneventful but we did make some nice salads, ate some fun citrus, and today made some kale chips and sauerkraut.

    Your drink sounds really good. I made some chocolates recently and melted some with some nutmilk, so rich and delicious!