Tuesday, January 10, 2012


RAW 2012!!!

Who is living it up raw!

If you have any goals write them in the comments below, because this year is going to be YOUR healthiest year yet!!

My one goal is to enjoy a green smoothie daily. I feel like I'm taking care of myself in fulfilling this because I not only take time to make it, but I feel better too.


  1. I'm doing a raw cleanse now and loving it! I could happily continue high raw for a long time but I feel like drinking kind of detracts from all that good and I'm not about to completely give it up yet.
    I will try to drink more green juice though, and start juicing myself!

  2. HEY, that's awesome!! Drinking detracts for sure, but you know it, and that's what counts, don't lose your flow, if you feel like not changing too drastically at the moment is what's working, keep juicing and continue the high raw :D