Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Salad for Breakfast.

I have one goal: to balance my blood sugar levels. [People who have tried 811 diet, comment below as to how you deal with this, because I literally have felt knees wobble when eating 10 bananas and dates.]

I made this and realized that only two utensils are necessary for a perfect salad!! 1) A pair of tongs and 2) a big bowl, not a flat plate. If you can mix everything together and break down the leaves a bit, your salad meshes flavours perfectly.

Summer Salad aka. YUMMO BOWL.

-spiralized zucchini
-grated carrot
-organic spring mix
-epic Lebanese EVOO
-sea salt
-lemon juice
-sunflower seeds
-Corn sliced right off the cob

AND MY FAVE NEW FRUIT. Texture cityyyy.
I bought one the other day, giddy, and beside myself with EXCITEMENT, I cradled it like a dragon egg, all the way home. LOOK HOW PRETTY.


  1. Looks beautiful!
    I am doing my own version of 811 but limiting sugars due to healing process I must go through at the moment.
    I am concentrating on loads of wheat grass and my 16 oz green juice each day. Plus tons of sprouts and greens. I eat berries at lunch and have my bananas in the morning smoothie.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  2. all those bananas and dates sound dangerous if you have blood sugar issues. be careful!