Saturday, November 12, 2011

magical jewels of love bursting with caramel and chewy cream.

My title is referring to medjool dates.

I have been indulging in boxes of these babies for weeks now, and I can say they're definitely helping me in this cold. HOWEVER, I do think I'm overdoing it, I'm remembering to brush my teeth better than usual (3x a day, not 1x or 2x), and I just have slight sensitivity on my right upper canine, SO......I'm going to lay off the 'jools for a while.

My favourite ritual is my daily walk into Kensington to go to this organic garage-like store (64 Nassua St.) I buy dates first, then bananas at 29cents/pounds and enjoy the vit D! Yesterday I went to buy dates, and the jar was empty. I literally freaked out, the owner just chuckled and said, "HOLD ON, fresh from the truck!" ...a potentially horrible day turned magical in an instant.

I will be ordering from the date people soon, so will update you on how that goes, where do you get your dates from, and how do you enjoy eating them? (With almond butter? bananas? alone? let me know!)

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