Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nut Mylkz + Sproutz.

Pictures from weekend raw endeavors. I realized I never posted a how-to on nut mylk, so here are the basics.

Soak raw almonds for 4-8 hours

Check for tips = sproutage has begun!

Remove skin

Blend with double cup amount of water, ex. 1cup almonds = 2 cups water

Add cinnamon/(coconut oil/maple syrup/agave/stevia/medjool dates)

**strain through paint strainer bag/nut mylk bag (I didn't do this, I like it thicker for breakfast/fruit combos) Keeps for 2-3 days.

Sprouts: mung bean, buckwheat (soak lightly, few minutes, drain and leave to sprout), peas, and quinoa. I should express why it is super VITAL to sprout. Firstly, sprouts are a huge component of this diet, without them, you're screwed. They're high in protein (aminos), give tons of energy, add kick to salads/smoothies, and are ALIVE vs. dried/starchy hard to digest things (pre sproutage).
Two tablespoons per jar.

Cover + Set in dark place. Rinse every 4 hours. The shells come off and you need to ensure no mould grows!


  1. I have had bad luck with sprouting but I really want to sprout some buckwheat! How is the coconut oil in the nut mylk? It doesn't solidify?

  2. The coconut oil will just blend in, and if it warms slightly it will just melt in. I should have added that I added in vanilla extract, and overnight in the fridge allows the flavors to mesh.

    ALSO. sprouting buckwheat is THE best. It grows very fast, doesn't get spicy or too bitter, and is good for making crusts, entrees AND desserts/breakfasts!