Saturday, June 19, 2010

The market and summer fruit.

Went to Byward Market with a friend, they had three containers of cherries/raspberries/blueberries/strawberries for $5. From someone's backyard/garden/farm.
My friend and I bought cherries and strawberries.

I'm actually really loving Ottawa, yesterday I went for a bike ride on the canal and ended up on Preston St. I didn't know but it had transformed from a completely under construction road (last summer) to Little Italy! There were Ferrari's lined up along the road, people on patios and up along the street, the smell of oregano and cigars, and little italian bambinos (is that right?). It was very exciting, it is going on until tomorrow night.

How's the local fruit in your city/town?


  1. FABULOUS! I LOVE the farmers market here in South Florida. They have amazing stuff that is local and inexpensive this time of year. I always eat "lighter" this time of year (simple foods, more fruits...) because of it. Eat local and you will never starve!!!

  2. The Byward Market is a great place to score some fresh local fruits & veg during the summmer. Have you been to the Ottawa's Farmers Market ( or the Carp Farmer's Market ( More option for fantastic produce. Yum!

  3. our local greens and blueberries are yummity yum YUM! i love this time of year!=)