Friday, June 4, 2010

tea partay.

Have said this before, but tea is so important. Make it a nightly/daily ritual, enjoy it alone or with a friend. It actually HALTS cravings in their tracks, and actually allows for relaxation before bed. Drinking peppermint tea with a friend now. I'm so content I could let out a purr or something.

What's your favourite flavaa flav?
(mine's chai-anything)

DO NOT google the word teabag..just got intensely surprised by various images.


  1. I love tea! I'm actually planning to write a post on it soon :) currently I am drinking a lot of spearmint.
    haha, loved your line about googling teabag, I can imagine that was a shocking experience ;)

  2. Tea is my favorite, but I can't make it here in Italy! :( I pretty much like any kind of tea, but I especially enjoy chamomile or mint.

  3. I like your blog :) I LOVE tea! I guess if I had to pick a few of my favs are chai, thai, and spearmint. I haven't really found a tea I haven't liked though. I am following your blog now. Check mine out too and follow if you like it!