Friday, June 25, 2010

more horrific events involving non-raw food.


My body aches!

It's screaming out loud, and violently harassing me with pain at the moment. There's some weird guilt thrown in there too, but actually. Tonight a bunch of my friends and I went to the Ottawa Jazz Festival to see Herbie Hancock perform. When you first enter the entire grounds for the festival there is this giant truck, a complete mobile bakery on wheels. I could sense it was vegan and sure enough it was. I will take a picture of this truck, and you will burn it into your brains that you do NOT want the desserts. No, my friends. We are beyond processed sugars, sweet fumes, and floured cakes. We crave fresh fruit, sliced and diced, filled with colours that are natural and organic.

Don't get me wrong, the desserts I tried: carrot cake, and cinnamon coffee cake were absolutely delightful. However, two seconds after I swallowed bites out of these, familiar sensations of sugar highs and former addictions came rushing back. The carrot cake by the way, weighed at least a ton. It felt like I was holding a dumbell..

So yah, verdict on non-raw sugar. Don't overdo it, and if you feel you can't have it in balance, avoid it at all costs. I feel like there is an artificial buzz in my body, it's slightly frightening, and I am WAY too wired to sleep..ughh.

Looked just like this, but without snow, duh.

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