Saturday, October 2, 2010

sneaky cooked food.

I had to blog about this, but lately the amount of raw food I've been eating has been slowly decreasing while my cooked food intake has been increasing. It's been about two weeks, but it all started when I went out for sushi (veggie, obviously so not actually sushi), and had inari which is tofu pockets of rice.

I'm going to be frank about what I'm experiencing, some of it may be directly related, others not, or it could all just be a combo of stress + diet. I am tense all the time, my shoulders hunch even in my sleeping position, so I've had to be conscious about that. My skin is FREAKING out at me, and I don't like it one bit. My hair is drier, my thighs are bigger--wtf. and I haven't been feeling my usual happy self.

HOWEVER. this will all change, I mean since I have been attentive I've been changing certain things. I know now one thing, that to sustain a raw food lifestyle you need to give yourself grains. Soaked buckwheat, soaked wild rice, soaked millet and quinoa, even cooked during your dinner meals will benefit you.

Usually when I feel nonchalant about eating cooked food it means I need to reduce my fruit intake because the excess sugar gives me cravings for junk. Including sprouts have helped me reverse this fruit dependence. So buy a jar, put some mesh over the top and start soaking those flax seeds and mung beans! Also, drinking unbelievable amounts of water really start re-cleansing your system. If you feel you've been dragging behind the raw food wagon, jump up, dust yourself off and introduce these things back in: water, sprouts, and cooked/soaked grains.
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lol, this baby's face is jokes.

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  1. holy harry! that photo's great.

    hope you're feeling better!!!