Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of School!!

OH, how I love the feeling of a new school year. New classes, friends, clothes, a fresh start, and most of all the overwhelming desire to succeed. I'm going into fourth year university, shocking since I'm not sure how I ended up here, almost near the end of my degree. HOWEVER, I'm not complaining, I can't wait to start again and achieve the list of goals I have prepared for this year.

Some goals specific to health and school routines are:

-juice greens daily
-bring emergency snack kit ERR' WHERE.
-find people that are on the same wavelength; with health as a top priority

I will be posting more sustainable recipes, using the vegetable/fruit pulps from juices I make. It's going to be experimentation city, so if anyone already has recipes for these things, or tips hook me up!!

Definitely not AS excited as when I was in elementary school, but close.

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