Saturday, September 3, 2011

On The Road: Traveling Raw

So summer has almost come to an end for most, I personally can see the stress of school waiting for me just around the corner. This year university starts on the 12th, giving me a week of relaxation since being back from working in Ottawa. I have wisely chosen to spend these seven days in Victoria, BC with two of my best friends! I will provide tourist-y updates about this as the days go by, but more importantly providing updates on how I've been eating, and how you can eat inexpensively and healthily during travel.

Breakfast-bowl of blueberries, papaya and (lots of water the night before...don't want to dry out on the plane ride)
Lunch- 3 Medjool dates + lots of water and mint tea
Dinner-dried fruit/seed trailmix + 1 head of brocolli w/ hummus + 2 delicious containers of blueberries
Total Cost: $11 + free breakfast thanks to mom.

Breakfast from today: I brought chia seeds and cinnamon from home, and bought these massive BC grown nectarines! Easy, and delicious.
Lunch-red leaf lettuce salad with avocado, nectarine, cilantro, hummus
Dinner-red leaf lettuce salad with avocado, nectarine, cilantro, sunflower seeds
Total Cost: $8.17

Couldn't wear nail polish at my summer job, now I can..hence the dark plum lacquer :P

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