Saturday, August 14, 2010


Thank you for all the people that helped me come to an answer about this! (Heidi from HiHoRosie, whitecosmicwizard, Jay, and Charlene.

The sodium in the dressing would explain the puffiness in my hands, I just thought this is helping me down two platefuls of greens, what could be so bad?

I used what the cafeteria here offers, balsamic vineagar, OLIVIOLA (get this: 1 part olive oil, 2 parts canola oil mixed...) and orange wedges, I ripped off the slices and put then on top of my salad. DIDN'T feel as gross, and also felt fuller with one salad..surprising.

Jay, the monomeal question is so applicable to even non vegans/raw people in determining good and bad things.

Thanks for your help, another question will be posted later on :)

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  1. They always get ya with the bottled dressings. Glad you found something better.