Monday, August 23, 2010


SOOO. My happiness levels are soaring hrough the roof even though I'm slightly exhausted, and I have to wake up in a few hours for work. I just want to share this story because it shows how easy it is to get people to just TRY the raw food diet. EX out diet. make that lifestyle.

I was up in cottage country near Westport in Kingston for 2.5 days it was absolutely gorgeous, even though it rained it was just nature everywhere. I was reunited with a couple that my family has known for a while, where the woman was my kindergarten teacher. I used their blender to make green smoothies and after having to chew my leaves for the past few months, let me tell ya. It was a treat and a half. It was so funny to make these, I would serve mine in a tall glass, next to it place a smaller glass and next to that place a shot glass. AND they loved it.

Here's three pieces of advice if you are starting the raw food diet. Mimi Kirk was right when she said, you need to find the motivation that just clicks with you. You know you want to eat this way, but there has to be something about the diet that puts you in the right mindset.

1) Find a few good recipes you feel you could eat or include regularly and start incorporating them at your own speed into your daily diet. (**key: green smoothies, salad rolls, gazpacho)
2) Take a step back before diving in and do your research, and ask questions.
3) ALWAYS. ALWAYS. have an emergency, back up, back up, crisis snack box. Fill it with nori sheets, flax crackers, fruits, dried fruit belts, raw bread, sprouted buckwheat, nuts, seeds, juices, and water. You'll feel better and won't give in to temptation when you start feeling like your stomach is eating itself.

Actually what the view from the dock looked like in the morning, but with rain.

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  1. That last pic is beautiful. And yay for green smoothies! Great pieces of advice, Amy!