Monday, August 2, 2010

lime water. fedoras. and the month of august.

i bought a new hat.
it had to be in the picture.

the POINT of the picture is to show how delicious my lime water is: mint leaves, and lime slices.

just biked a crap ton..from North York to downtown past the waterfront to Etobicoke. and all I could think about was how the six peaches blended with a banana and a head of romaine was giving me pure energy! I'm going to make some mango salad, a raw soup and some rolls.

wait out for pictures!

Mango Salad
-sliced mango
-lime juice

Raw Vegan Soup
-one long sprig of rosemary
-one long sprig of mint
-one small tomato
-one medium sized apple peeled and cored
-2.5-3 inch cucumber
-handful of mushrooms
-handful of parsley
-tablespoon of cashews
-pinch or two of sea salt
-one slice of lime
-lime water/juice
-dash of cayenne pepper
-pinch of paprika
-pinch of thyme
-sesame seeds sprinkled on top


1 comment:

  1. Looks great girlie! And gotta love the hat with the mint-lime water. :)