Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I need to know your opinions!

Do you think eating a KRAFT balsamic dressing with my huge salads daily affects the positive EFFECTS of eating raw? The answer I thought was initially no. considering how colossal my plates of greens are (two per meal) it has to be counteracted somehow. Then I read somewhere that strong spices, and things like onion/garlic irritate your insides and cause you to think you are not full.

What do you think??

Thanks :)


  1. I'm not a purist when it comes to all things being raw, dressings included. However, bottled dressings I would just be mindful of the ingredients, i.e. HFCS, sodium, MSG, etc.

    I haven't heard anything about onion and/or garlic causing you to think you're not full. I can see how it might be an irritant to some. For me, I love both!

    Sorry, not much help. :(

  2. I believe you can eat onions and garlic if you don't eat too much of them. I would not eat a Kraft dressing, I mix extra virgin oil with lemon or balsamic. I also like the onions in a salad, though I try not to think of their rajasic quality. I have a question for you, what do you think of rinsing veg with tap water?

  3. Yes, I would instantly think that there is a problem with the vinegar in the dressing, the spices, and the onions/garlic.
    I have done some reading on natural hygiene and as an aspiring 80/10/10er (low fat raw vegan) we think that if you can't make a mono meal of it, then it really shouldn't be food.
    The onions and garlic apparently interfere with the absorption of nutrients also.

  4. I don't think that store-bought dressings (when used sparingly) really affect raw eating. If you think about the volume of salad vs the amount of dressing (usually only 1-2 tbsp max), I think it's ok to use them.

  5. i totally disagree that vinegar if it is raw is bad for you. fermented foods are great for digestion!

    overall, i don't fuss too much if the dressing is vegan but not 100% raw. but a squeeze of lemon will do in a pinch.