Thursday, November 11, 2010


My FAVOURITE fruit ever. has now. officially launched its season. How do I know this? Simply, because chinatown near Spadina and College has amazing deals.
Try, 12 for $5, or 7 for $2.

I went crazy, and of course I only have a few to take pictures of now..they've been eaten devoured. Also, I should mention that I made a new name for this fruit a few years ago, because I felt that persimmon didn't fully encompass the true textures and tastes of this fruit.

Pelatunia-singular (Can't you just taste the fruit in your mouth after saying that word??)


  1. I love persimmons! I love making sauces with them.
    Pure2raw Twin

  2. I'm officially jealous!Persimmons are my favorite too, at those prices I would just eat them all day. Enjoy

  3. We got a few of these...for FREE! ha ha! One of our local markets offers/encourages one piece of fruit for fruit for your little ones when they shop with you. Well, we got to the store a lot so my lil guy has 3-4 persimmons waiting for him. They need to ripen just a bit. Otherwise, your deal is the best! Can't wait (yeah, cuz you know this mama is going to sneak a bite or two).

  4. my mom brought from Italy Persimmons, I tried a few days ago for the first time and it's really good.