Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cafeteria Chronicles:

Reporting for duty, sirs!

A summer job far away from home may pose some eating difficulties in terms of finding beautiful food, both raw and vegan as well as improvising on various recipes. HOWEVER. I have the solution. The entire reason of this blog, the very BIRTH of it is due to the characteristics of this job. I live on a university campus, in the military, and have to endure months of eating cafeteria food.

Last summer I found myself in a rather enjoyable, yet slightly gluttonous state, treating myself to copious (slight exaggeration) amounts of vegan junk food. After returning to the civilian world I realized what havoc I had wreaked on my body and decided to change some things.

AND HERE I AM, another summer, back on campus, eating cafeteria food. Because I won't be able to do my usual blog thing, I'm going to change it up and show y'all that eating healthy is so doable in a caf setting. I will be listing my food choices from the caf, sans vibrant pictures :(

B-honey dew slices, orange slices
L-salad with mushrooms in some funny Italian dressing, tofu stirfry, cucumber, banana, honey dew slices
D-salad with mushrooms, white rice with tiny veg, cucumber, tofu stirfry, honey dew slices
S-banana (for later)

My choices are definitely limited, but for the next three months keep reading to see how I avoid the temptations of the daily potato wedge french fry counter and 24-hour convenience store stocked with vegan junk. Also, I'd totally appreciate your comments filled with what gorgeous food you had, something preferably not fried, deep-fried, or sauteed, or sizzled, or grilled, etc.

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  1. Oh boy, I'm reminded of my undergrad days of living in residence and eating from a meal plan. I definitely packed on the freshman 15!! The unlimited french fries, ice cream and dessert were killer. But those were before my days of veganism and healthy-living and I have no doubt you will fare better :)