Friday, May 7, 2010

Kombucha Wonder Drink Review

Kombucha Wonder Drink; Essence of Mango
Ingredients: I dropped the bottle on the ground by accident, from what I remember there was oolong tea, pear extract juice/tea, black tea, mango extract, and I suspect some form of probiotics.

I bought it from Balwin Natural's-Organic Food Market, you can get it pretty much anywhere. It was $2.97+tax. I was actually very excited to taste it because I was hearing many things about it (positive and negative). Without smelling it, my first sip was nice. Cold, refreshing, hint of sweetness, however broken by the subtle yet contrasting vinegar-like flavour and aroma. I had to actually stop walking and take another sip, (my friend thought I was overreacting). In general it is a very pleasant taste, if it truly does have all the benefits listed, such as aiding digestion, cleansing, detoxifying, etc then it is a great drink. The bottle especially is very pure looking, fits perfectly in your hand, just be careful not to drop it like I did. Does anyone know anything about the health benefits or arguments against them? Also, If you have a favourite flavour, which one is it?

is this really a wonder drink?

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  1. Oooh! I love these! They're actually (IMO) a great introduction into kombucha drinks - those who find it too strong. But I dunno. I love grape!!!

    Hey, have you seen my blog lately? There's a post you might like. ;) it's the one before today's latest.